What Currency is Used on Exists?

US Dollars (USD).

Payment options

We recommend the following payment methods:

  • PayPal

How do Exists transfer ownership of a domain?

A domain registrar is a company like GoDaddy, Name.com, etc. which holds all the information pertaining to the domain's ownership. 

If buyer and Exists have accounts on the same domain registrar, the process is straightforward. The Exists simply retrieve's the buyer's account ID and requests a "domain push" within their control panel.  If buyer and Exists have accounts on different domain registrars: 

  • The buyer may initiate the transfer by contacting their domain registrar, who will then reach out to the administrative contact of the site's old registrar
  • The Exists may facilitate a smooth transfer by unlocking the domain and providing an authorization code or an EPP code.

Each domain registrar may have different processes. For more detailed information, you may contact your domain registrar for the exact process for transferring domain ownership. 

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